Justice League United to replace Justice League of America/Canada

It was announced last year that Jeff Lemire would be taking over Justice League of America and renaming it Justice League Canada. The series was to take place in Canada for a while before the title changes again. This is not the case anymore. USA TODAY spoke with Lemire and announces that Justice League of America will be ending and a new title will be launched called Justice League United.


Justice League United #0 Mike Mckone Var Cvr

When asked about Justice League United:

“It keeps the book fresh when you have those two very different settings or landscapes to go between,” says Lemire “One thing I wanted to do with the book was really touch on every corner of the DC Universe in one team,Thus the United title.”

The series will still keep the ideas that were to occur in Justice League Canada. This Justice League will still operate out of Canada and will introduce a Canadian teen hero. The team roster will include Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Green Arrow with new members Animal Man, Supergirl and a reintroduced Adam Strange. The title change occurred after Johns and Lemire were discussing the series and how it aims to spend half the time on earth and half the time in space. ‘The United’ title was a better representation of the series concept than ‘Canada’ and the change was agreed on.

Lemire focuses on the new series:

“I’ve gotta say I’ve put more work into this book than I have for anything I’ve ever done for DC. It’s been really fulfilling, and hopefully on top of all that it’s a big fun action-adventure superhero comic that people will enjoy.”says Lemire

The series sounds interesting. The idea of the Justice League fighting threats out world brings a nostalgic sense of Justice League Unlimited animated series. Definitely a book to lookout for this April. For more info on the series, read the rest of  Lemire’s interview with USA TODAY.

Credit: DC Comics, USA TODAY

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