Amazing X-men #3 Review

Amazing X-men #3 Cover

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Ed McGuinness

Colorist: Marte Gracia


As Azazel tries to conquer the underworld and reap souls with his crew of demon pirates Beast, Storm, and Nightcrawler try to stop him, swashbuckling shenanigans ensue.

The Ups: Jason Aaron does a great job writing some of the X-men’s most popular characters. Beast gets a good amount of page time and he mixes his scholarly wit with primal fury seamlessly. Azazel carries a good portion of the issue as well and his arrogance and ambition make him a terrifying demon-pirate-captain. Nightcrawler, the star of the show is exactly as we remembered him, he treats every fight he’s in like a performance and you can’t help but grin as he quips and slashes his way through hoards of enemies. The issue was mostly action scenes and the art team of Ed McGuinness and Arte Gracia put out some awesome fight scenes. The designs of the demon pirates are all different and interesting and there’s some amazing choreography to these fight scenes as you might expect when two teleporters and an ape man are involved.

Amazing X-men #3 Interior

The Downs: Not much is done to advance the plot in this issue. We don’t really learn anything we didn’t know before with the exception of a few details.

Overall: This issue had enough action and witty dialogue in it to keep me satisfied and then some. It had demon pirates, sword fights, teleportation fights, Beast being a boss, and best of all it brings back Nighcrawler. Even though we’re still not that much closer to figuring how Nightcrawler will come back for good, it is nice to have a light, action packed issue to get re-used to the character. This issue was a ton of fun to read and I can’t wait for the rest of this story to come out.

Grade 5 of 5

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