Uncanny X-men #16 Review

Uncanny X-men #16 Cover

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Chris Bachalo

Colorist: Chris Bachalo

Uncanny X-men #16

Agent Dazzler sends Magneto on a mission to investigate rumors of a mutant leader trying to turn Madripoor into safe haven for mutants. With his weakened powers Magneto ventures into Madripoor’s seedy underbelly to learn more.

The Ups: Magneto has always been a fascinating character due to his extreme ethics and views. After joining the X-men under Cyclops, Magneto has demonstrated the capability to grow and change, but Magneto always seems to operate in a moral grey area. The exploration of Magneto in this issue and how he behaves on his own outside of the X-men is what really makes it interesting. Chris Bachalo’s art is always on point in the X-men books and this issue is no different. Bachalo’s art has this very pure quality which brings intensity to the visceral action scenes, and a sense of calm to the more cerebral scenes. There’s also a great twist towards the end of the issue that puts Magneto in an interesting situation.

Uncanny X-men #16 Interior

The Downs: The ending to the issue doesn’t really indicate where Magneto’s story is headed which is kind of dissatisfying if you choose to stop reading here, but Magneto’s own personal book will start soon and will definitely pick up where this issue leaves off.

Overall: If this issue is any indication of what the new Magneto will be like then I’m completely on board. Throughout this issue we get to see who Magneto really is outside the context of the X-men, and we also go to see him do badass stuff with various metal objects so that’s a plus. I personally could not wait for the new Magneto series before and this issue is not making that wait any easier.

Grade: 5 of 5

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