Justice League 3000 #2 Review

Justice League 3000 #2 Cover

Writers: Keith Giffen/J.M. Dematteis

Artist: Howard Porter

Colorist: Hi-Fi


The Justice League of the year 3000 get sent on a relatively impossible mission considering they have no teamwork skills and most of them aren’t as strong as their original 21st century counterparts. This mission is made even more impossible when they encounter Locus, a psychopath with the ability to alter reality.

The Ups: The team dynamic of the future Justice League is hilariously dysfunctional. We’ve all seen various iterations of the Justice League over various timelines and realities but we’ve never really seen them act this immature and petty with each other and I find that very refreshing. On top of that they have to face a vulgar reality-warping teenager (she acts like one and looks like one so I’m going with that) which was also pretty entertaining. Howard Porter illustrates gritty futuristic back-drops and on top of this setting is a very bold and vibrant Justice League drawn almost as if they were caricatures. This juxtaposition of a very seriously endangered future and a team of completely dysfunctional saviors has a very dark irony to it that I personally found to be quite charming.

Justice League 3000 #2 Interior

The Downs: There are still many details missing about the lore of this future and this makes it hard to put certain things into context without relying on the reactions of other characters. While you read this you do have to just kind of assume certain things and hope they will be explained in future issues.

Overall: Justice League 3000 is a refreshing take on the typical “alternate-Justice-League” story. While it is quite funny watching the Justice League of the future bicker amongst each other while fighting against an immensely powerful villain that would give the present day League a run for their money, there is a reason behind all their chaos. The writing team of Giffen and Dematteis put real thought into how these characters would change given their new setting and origin and the differences between the Justice League 3000 and the present day League are quite interesting and compelling.

Grade 5 of 5

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