Quick Hit Reviews: Earth-2 #19, All-New Marvel Now Point 1, Detective Comics #27, and All-New X-factor #1

EARTH 2 #19 - Page 1EARTH-2 #19

Writer: Tom Taylor  Artist: Nicola Scott  Colorist: Pete Pantazis

The fight against Superman continues. All hope is lost until Batman makes an interesting discovering. This issue was just off the wall chaos. I just don’t see how Earth-2 can survive the craziness. Also the return of an old character is finally here. Taylor tells a great story this issue that focuses on developing current and new threads. The art is still brilliant and bright. This art team owns this book. I can’t get enough of the chaos. A must read, especially if you enjoy surprising reveals!

Grade 5 of 5

All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 - Page 1ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW POINT 1

Writer: Various Writers  Artist: Various Artist

This book gives you a taste of the some of the New Marvel Now titles from various creators. Did most noticeable is the 10 page preview of Silver Surfer. A fun and entertaining read. It has me hooked! The Loki: Agent of Asgard was a creative way of setting up the story in between other stories. Other series previews did not give much such as All-New Invaders. Judgement is still out until issue 1. Some great art all around. If you are looking for a comic that packs lots of mini story and you can only get 1 book. Then this book is worth the pick up.

Grade 3 of 5


Writer: Various Writers  Artist: Various Artist

Another multiple creators book. It is Batman’s 75th anniversary from his debut in Detective Comics #27 . There are a lot of stories in this issue. My general conception is that this issue was very weird. The two strong stories in my opinion was Francesco Francavilla and the Gothopia story. The others  stories were very Sci-Fi and did not feel too much like a Batman story. It is quite pricey and I would recommend to read it at your store.

Grade 2 of 5

All-New X-Factor #1 - Page 1ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1

Writer: Peter David  Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico  Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Peter David returns to an All-New X-factor. This book is everything you would expect from David. Great characters developments and fun-nature atmosphere. Gambit was the focus point and most X-men fans will enjoy that. The art by Di Giandomenico is dynamic with loose lines that works well with the coloring. The one thing against this issue was Gambit narration. He narrates every little detail and it was a little annoying. This team is definitely one to watch if you are a fan of X-factor and want some fun interaction.

Grade 4 of 5

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