Swamp Thing #27 Review

Swamp Thing #27 - Page 1

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Jesus Saiz

Colorist: Matthew Wilson


“Too bad you were too much of a pansy to finish the job.”

Having become the avatar of the green by default, the Seeder has made his presence felt by abusing his powers, attacking innocent animals for just being part of the red, and attacking Animal Man to make sure the green would reign supreme. Alec is now part of the green and is powerless to stop the Seeder, can he get help from the past avatars in order to save the earth or is Seeder free to terrorize the planet?!

The Ups: The last issue of the Seeder arc gives us a much deeper look into the green and the history behind it as well as where the past avatars go to rest once their time has been served. Soule had created some interesting characters in Wolf and Lady Weeds, Wolf being more the laid back type offering Alec women and a fruit to let him sleep past Seeder’s reign but still willing to help and Lady Weeds being blunt and aggressive willing to help Alec but easily both characters have their own agenda that could possibly play out in the future. Both these characters show how the parliament of trees was not always looking for someone like Alec but someone to simply do their bidding no matter what they intentions were, hence why Seeder was chosen. Saiz and Wilson do such a wonderful job on the unique styles of each avatar, while Alec might be the most simple looking of the bunch, the creativity put into the new avatars shown in the issue are pretty sick and it’s fun to see artists have freedom to create in their vision and you can tell Saiz and Wilson did just that.

Swamp Thing #27 - Page 6

The Downs: While the rest of the issue and arc was amazing the ending fell very short in my eyes and it was very disappointing. Soule spent the entire last issue building up Seeder to be a interesting with a bit of depth and when it was time for the battle between Swamp Thing and Seeder I was ready for something intense and then the complete opposite happened. I felt the ending took away from something that could of made Seeder a longstanding character, but this was a swerve I was not expecting.

Overall: The ending wasn’t enough to ruin a well thought out and told story that provided some of the best artwork this series has. The ending did leave an interesting question as well as an idea of what direction Soule will be taking the series in next.

Grade 3 of 5

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