Superstars Mark Waid & Mark Bagley SMASH into HULK #1!


Hulk #1 Cover By Jerome Opena

Who shot Bruce Banner? That’s the
question on everyone’s mind this April when critically acclaimed
creators Mark Waid and Mark Bagley smash into the epic, all-new HULK
#1 – as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative!

“As our series opens, Banner’s at death’s door”, says Waid. “…having
learned something about himself that cuts him to the quick and calls
into question everything he’s been doing for what he believes is the
public good.  And things don’t improve for him from there.”

“You’ll see Bruce Banner in a whole new light,” Waid continued.

The victim of a near fatal gunshot wound – Bruce Banner lay inches
from death. Did his unknown attacker want the Hulk dead? Or Banner? As
Banner clings to life, he’ll realize he’s not quite as indestructible
as he once thought. If he survives this, his darkest hour one thing is
certain – he won’t ever be the same!

“With a list of enemies as long as the Hulk’s, almost anyone could be
behind Banner’s assassination attempt,” says Senior Editor Mark
Paniccia. “But the real mysteries are yet to be revealed. Mark Waid
has mind-blowing revelations in store for the readers that will have
them talking for years.”

“The answers will have Banner going down roads you’d never expect and
wait till you see what’s in store for Hulk, continued Paniccia. “And
just how does the Stark family play into all of this? Ha! Fans are
going to dig!”

How will the Green Goliath solve the mystery of their enigmatic
attacker. And the answers will shock Banner to his very core! Don’t
miss a single moment of this bombastic new series when HULK #1 smashes
its way into comic shops this April


Hulk #1 Variant Cover By Mark Bagley

Hulk #1 Variant Cover By Mark Bagley



Written by MARK WAID
Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY






Credit: Marvel Comics

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