Green Lantern and Batman Join Forces In New ‘Justice League: War’ Clip

DC Comics is finally bringing us their first animated feature following a storyline from the New 52 universe. ‘Justice League: War’ follows the first arc of the Justice League series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, showing how they first came together and battled Darkseid. There are a few changes to the story but the most notable one is the switch of founding member Aquaman for Shazam, which was an interesting change on some parts of the story. DC’s mightiest heroes will be coming out on DVD and Blu Ray February 6, 2014 and check out Warner Bros. official description of the movie.

When the powerful Darkseid and his massive, relentless forces invade Earth, a group of previously unaligned super heroes – misunderstood and, in some cases, hunted by the authorities – discover the only way to fend off the attack will be to work together as a cohesive unit. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Shazam and, in his origin story, Cyborg combine their respective talents in an all-out battle to save the planet. Based on the 2012 graphic novel, “Justice League: Origin,” by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee, Justice League: War provides a glance into the world before the Justice League was created, and offers the initial animated incarnation of DC Entertainment’s “The New 52.”

Credit: Warner Bros., DC Comics

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