Damian: Son of Batman #3 Review

Damian - Son of Batman #3 (of 4) - Page 1

Writer: Andy Kubert

Artist: Andy Kubert

Colorist: Brad Anderson


“How…how…how can you speak…? …and…why do you sound like Pennyworth?!”

After his encounter with Professor Pyg, Damian was attacked by a group of brain washed children that he refused to attack but it might now cost him his life! Being knocked out of the building where Pyg was operating from, Damian falls to his demise. Will he be able to recover in order to prove everyone wrong that he is the right choice to take over the mantle of Batman?

The Ups: Throughout this story I have enjoyed Kubert’s transformation on the character of Damian, in the first two issue he was the same smart mouth deadly assassin child who was the boy wonder and now he has taken the role of replace his father and Grayson to heart. Unlike the way Grant Morrison wrote how Damian would be like in the future, Kubert brings us a young man struggling with accepting a role he never really understood and the responsibility that comes with it, but unfortunately hurting everyone close to him along the way. If Damian was still alive in the main continuity this is the kind of progression that would of fit the character perfectly moving him along throughout the years. Kubert and Anderson once again do a great job of giving us a dark and scary visual of Gotham in the future in a highly detailed fashion.

Damian - Son of Batman #3 (of 4) - Page 4

The Downs: There was an interesting choice of what has happened to Alfred and where Damian’s mental state stands at this point. It’s a little of a turn off for me mostly due to the number of self contained Batman stories having to do with the hero going insane or having real shaky conclusions. Kubert definitely surprised me with the twist in the first two issues where Grayson was Batman and not Bruce, even though I feel both men could of easily avoid such a death, it was a twist I was not expecting and keep me interested to continue reading and I’m hoping the last issue will wrap everything up nicely.

Overall: Kubert is building the plot to lead to a big explosion in the last issue and the pace is constantly fast and the ending left me wanting more. There have been some interesting choices with the plot that I’m not a fan of, but the great artwork and the direction the story is going in is enough that I would recommend this for any Batman fan to pick up.

Grade 3 of 5

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