Best of The Year 2013: Part 3 of 3

Well this is it, the final part to Comicsrefueled Best of the Year 2013! A reminder to all is that our choices is not a representation of the world’s view, this is strictly our opinions and was made through majority staff vote. Now we end our list with the biggest categories: Best publisher, Best writer, Best artist, Best colorist, Best inker, and Best series!

Best Publisher of 2013


dc-comics-logo.pngIronmarco: In the past year DC comics has done a ton of huge events, such as the Batman centric events “Death of the Family”, and “Year Zero”, as well as the huge Justice League events “Trinity War”, and “Forever Evil”. What truly made DC shine this year was how fluidly all of the books revolved around these events and how each event flowed organically from the last one. DC’s commitment to making an intricately woven, cohesive universe is what made their books so compelling this year, and what wins DC the title of best publisher of 2013.

Runner ups: Image Comics, Marvel Comics

Best Writer of 2013


Daredevil, Indestructible Hulk, Green Hornet

MarkWaidVaShMcDaSh: Mark Waid has done wonders to a hero who is mostly brushed to the side to make way for more popular street level heroes like Spider-Man and Luke Cage and making him more than relevant and if not even more entertaining to read, and that character is Daredevil. He even did something very little people could pull off in writing a very entertaining and funny time travel Hulk story. But the reason I chose him for the best writer of this year was for the wonderful job he has done with Daredevil, not only has he made a fan out of me and many other who wouldn’t have given the character a chance before, but has also written some of the most well put together stories Marvel has had in a while.

Runner ups: Geoff Johns (Justice League, Aquaman, Forever Evil), Kelly Sue DeConnick (Avengers Assemble, Pretty Deadly)

Best Artist of 2013


Earth 2

2606102-nicola_scott_02_576VaShMcDaSh: There are a lot of reasons why I read ‘Earth 2’ but what immediately drew me to the series in the first place was the killer art done by Nicola Scott. During comic con this year she stated she has a lot of freedom to do what she wants when it comes to drawing the characters and all the amazing scenes that full each page. I’ve always appreciated how she’s taken classic heroes like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott and making them shine with updated outfits but still keep the classic Silver Age feel.

Runner ups: Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Spider-man, Guardians of the Galaxy), Stuart Immonen (All-New X-Men)

Best Colorist of 2013


Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Superman Unchained

ALEX SINCLAIRSuperiorChris: This man’s color have been gracing covers and comics for years. He is legendary that rivals others like Jim Lee. His colors are bright and vibrant that they just jump at you. He has been a very important part to many series. He continues his amazing work in Superman Unchained and Harley Quinn. You see his work and he never disappoints! Just jaw dropping!

Runner ups: Pete Pantazis (Justice League), Marte Garcia (X-Men, Nova)

Best Inker of 2013


Aquaman, Justice League

Joe_PradoIronmarco: Joe Prado’s work in 2013 brought dimension and detail to DC’s “Justice League”, “Earth 2”, and “Aquaman”. Prado is known for his heavy shadows, which accentuate the shapes and poses of the underlying pencils while also giving stark contrast to the colors that are added to them. Prado’s inks added depth and character to the art in each series he worked on, and his contribution to these big titles makes him the best inker of 2013.

Runner ups: Jonathan Glapion (Batman), Drew Hennessy (Green Lantern: New Guardians)

Best Series of 2013


Written By: Scott Synder Art By: Greg Capullo

batman01VaShMcDaSh: I think without a shadow of a doubt anyone who’s anyone who has kept up with comics since 2011 can honestly say Scott Synder’s ‘Batman’ has hands down been the most successful series of the recent era. What makes it more amazing is that Synder isn’t relying on the already built universe of Batman but creating his own fresh new and unique characters mainly with the great crossover of the Court of Owls and with gripping story arc like ‘Death of the Family’ and the ongoing ‘Zero Year’. Capullo’s smooth but gritty style often bring me back to the days I would watch the classic 90’s animated series and also draws each character and scene with amazing detail (his Joker is my favorite by far.) Overall there are plenty of amazing series out today but none has been as consistent and as captivating as Synder’s and Capullo’s ‘Batman’.

Runner ups: Daredevil (Marvel Comics), Earth 2 (DC Comics)

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