Aquaman #26 Review

Aquaman #26 Cover

Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Paul Pelletier/Netho Diaz

Colorist: Wil Quintana/Andrew Dalhouse


Aquaman’s reign as king of Atlantis is not an easy one, he must win over the trust of his people while dealing with the hidden history of Atlantis that only few know about.

The Ups: This issue had a nice blend of Arthur’s life as king and his life as Aquaman. We see his struggle to rule over a nation that does not trust him, while as Aquaman he tries to deal with the remnants of Atlantis’ past. Jeff Parker also does a great job of displaying just how powerful Aquaman is through some pretty intense action scenes, and all Aquaman fans really want is for people to acknowledge how awesome he is. The art team on this issue was phenomenal. They displayed a great range of abilities by drawing expressive and emotional faces during the political scenes and were able to illustrate dramatic and dynamic poses to make the action exciting and intense.

Aquaman #26 Interior

The Downs: The issue has a little bit of a slow start, and Arthur does have to be a king for a little while before he starts hitting things.

Overall: This issue was entertaining for a few reasons, it had great action, it showed Arthur’s life as a king, and it introduced a new mystery in Atlantis’ already checkered past. Once it gets past its slow start this issue delivers that over-the-top Aquaman experience that fans of the series crave and love. The ending leaves just about everything to the imagination; so expect to be surprised next issue, and keep reading.

Grade 4 of 5

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