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This is the epic conclusion to one of the best summer events! The Armor Hunters will take the war to Unity. The battle rages on without the X-O Manowar! Can Aric find his will to join the battle again and end the threat against Earth? or Will the Armor Hunters destroy what’s left of it ?! Hold on to your hats because the answers all lie here!




The Armor Hunters are defeated. Aric badly injured from the war has no time to rest. Colonel Capshaw enlist the help of X-O Manowar to return to Utah to care of Malgam. Malgam may be saved from the armor virus with the help of scientists unfortunately they are dead?! Some one lies within the ranks that have other plans for him! His only chance is the man he sought to destroy: X-O Manowar!


Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #5 Review

After defeating the Green Goblin, Miles and the supposed “Peter Parker”, who has seemingly returned from the dead, are surrounded by the police and held at gun point. No one has any clue as to how the Green Goblin or the original Spider-man have come back but, everything in Miles’ life is slowly turning inside out as everything he thought he knew comes crashing down on top of him…